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You have a good foundation for your content, but want to squeeze out the best possible results? With our unique expertise, we showcase your topics and products in the limelight for your target group.

Good content is informative, engaging and relevant. And it's easy for you to generate: with our all-round carefree editorial service. From the precise definition of target groups, the creation of quality content, a detailed editorial plan to the reporting of the most important KPIs – our experts stand for competent answers, not for unanswered questions. You can bag the whole editorial service package for €7,500 including a €2,500 media budget.

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Four in a row: With these measures, your channel will be right at the top

Initial workshop. Together, we determine in advance which goals you are pursuing with your channel, which content will be played out when and which target groups you want to reach.


Content creation. We create the content that brings your target group to you and coordinate it with you within the framework of an editorial plan. Whether well in advance or rather on a monthly basis – you decide the dose. 


Advertising. We offer a range of measures to promote your content in a target-oriented way and get your target group excited about your content. Whether display advertising, standalone mailings, pre-rolls in videos or or or – we will concoct the formula for your success.


Reporting. Stagnation is regression! To improve your channel and content constantly, we analyze your performance, draw precise learnings from it and give you recommendations for actions that promise a push.


You have heaps of first-class content, but don't know where to put it? With the DocCheck channels you give your content a home and make sure that your target group doesn't miss anything. Bundled content for your interested channel visitors.

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