Technical implementation

We have aroused your interest and now you would like to know how to implement a DocCheck login? Here you will find all the information you need.

With your personal DocCheck user account you have access to CReaM. There you can create a company account, create and define logins, add further administrators and much more.

We therefore recommend that you create the free company account right at the beginning and create a basic login in it. This allows you to manage your login independently. With the Economy and Business License, you will receive additional functionalities on your Basic Login from the moment you book. 

Basic Login and test setup

With the Basic Login you can go through the process without any costs and get in touch with the product.

If this is not enough and you are curious about the functions of the Economy or Business License, we will be happy to provide you with a test setup for 14 days. You can request this by eMail or phone and test all the functions of the respective license.

The setup - Economy or Business License

These two license types are available for you once you have signed an offer from us. We will be happy to provide you with one on request - just send us an eMail.

After your company has signed, we will extend your Basic License with the features of the booked variant. For the integration of the security standard OAuth2, we provide you with the client secret. As an additional security option, you will receive a hash key to encrypt the session ID.

For the offer we need the following information:

  • Company name incl. legal entity (e.g. Ltd.)
  • VAT ID 
  • Billing address
  • Contact person
  • eMail address for sending the invoice

The implementation

This is basically very easy in the web environment with the help of our iFrame. You will receive the code when you set up the login in CReaM. This can easily be integrated into the website.

For the Economy and Business Licenses, there are additional functions that require additional steps. Details can be found in our technical manual in the respective license chapters.

We have summarised exactly what you need to pay attention to in the OAuth2 protection in our OAuth2 documentation. Here you will find detailed information on our endpoints and recommendations for setting them up.

As part of the Business License, we set up a consent form in which users agree to hand over their data to you. The data is then collected via one of our endpoints. In order to define the possibilities of using the data for you, please talk to your legal department if necessary. 

If you use WordPress, you can build a custom plugin to integrate our feature for your system. Alternatively, you can use an open source plugin and customise it for your purposes. Please understand that we cannot provide support for questions regarding the plugin, as we did not develop it. The same applies to other CMS plugins available on the market, such as for TYPO3 and Gigya.

For the implementation in a native app, we offer SDKs for iOS, Android and Cordova, which should make it easier for you to implement the login functionality in your app project. You can find them in our Github Repository. This app integration can only be booked with one license.

I don't even know what I need yet!

We will be happy to advise you! Tell us a little more about the planned project when you ask, e.g.

  • Which system or which contents are to be protected?
  • What technical infrastructure will be used?
  • Have you already created a DocCheck login?
  • How high is your required security standard?
  • Is more detailed information about your users needed?
  • Which target group should have access to the information?

Our documentation

Here we have compiled all the documents that will help you decide which license you need and how to obtain it.

  1. License brochure
  2. Technical manual
  3. OAuth2-Doku
  4. WordPress
  5. App-Login


Please note that we can only provide limited support for products from other companies (for example WordPress plugin, TYPO3 plugin).

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