Our Licenses

We have the right access for you. Use our different licensing models to make the content of your website accessible to the right target group and to get to know your users better.

Choose between the Basic, Economy or Business License for the scope of services that suits you best. Please note that a license is always valid for one website. Our license overview shows you all licenses and components at a glance. You can find more detailed information about the individual functions and their use in our technical manual

How do the license models differ in User Flow?

Our license models build on each other functionally. The basic prerequisite is the Basic License, which fullfills the pure need for user authentication. In the Basic License, the user comes to the external website and passes the DocCheck Login. After authentication by our server, the user is forwarded to the secure area.

User Flow Basis: If the target URL is known, you can access the protected area directly. You want to secure the login additionally? Then take a look at our Economy License.

User Flow Economy: Securing the login with OAuth2. The user gets a key appended when passing the login. The secure area knows this and only lets in users with a correct key. A direct call to the secure area is therefore not possible.

User Flow Business: Here the user has the option to share his information with the external website, for example, to only have content displayed that really interests him.
After consenting to the transmission of the information, DocCheck shares the information with the operator of the website.

Which license works for me?

Basic - authentication without extra effort

We take care of the verification of the professional group of our DocCheck users for you, free of charge as part of our service.
The Basic License is the right choice if pure authentication of the HCPs is sufficient and the content does not need to be additionally secured. Furthermore, the Basic License is the basis for everything else, as both the Economy License and the Business License are installed on top of an existing Basic Login. So if you are on a tight budget or just want to familiarise yourself with our product for the time being, the Basic License is the right choice.

Economy - the plus in security and function

If you need a few more functions, the Economy License is the right one for you. Thanks to the parameter transfer, for example, your tracking parameters are not lost during the login process. In addition, you can send users from different professional groups to different content on your website.

With OAuth2 authentication, we give you the necessary tool to additionally secure your content. This way you can ensure that the content can only be accessed by users who have come through the DocCheck Login.

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Business - meet your target group

Because our licenses build on each other, the Business License gives you everything the Economy License can do, plus the chance to get to know your target group better.

After the user's consent, we provide you with selected information about him or her, which you can collect via an interface, e.g. to transfer it to your CRM system.

This is a win-win situation for both sides, as the user does not have to re-enter their information on your website.

You can't decide?

We will gladly provide you with a free test license for the login of your choice for 14 days.

This way you can familiarise yourself with our product without risk and work out a proof of concept for the implementation together with the technical team before costs are incurred for the license.

The test license can then be converted into an active license without any problems, so it is best to set up everything directly as under real conditions so that you can continue to use the settings.

You want to try out the test license? Then simply contact us by email or give us a call.

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