Your Contact Booster.

Leads with DocCheck



Discover DocCheck Leads – the effective booster for your HCP communication.

With the right dosage, we bring you in direct contact with healthcare professionals.



Why DocCheck Leads?

Targeted leads and field service appointments – generated automatically.

Ideal contact initiation – when your lead is available and actively seeking information.

The essential tools for your exchange – thanks to live calls, live chat, or chatbot feature.


How it works in practice.

See how an effective booster treatment takes place on a DocCheck channel.

Our booster variants:

Tailored to the needs of your target audience.


Download materials

We provide your materials for download to allow visitors to delve deeper.

Mailing via DocCheck

We obtain the HCP's consent to send e-mails with further information.

CRM options

We obtain consent that you may personally provide additional information and marketing materials to the HCP.


We arrange a brief appointment where the field service answers the HCP's questions.

Call/Video call

We provide an ad hoc employee who answers the HCP's questions via call or video call.

Your toolbox.

DocCheck Leads offers multiple applications at various interfaces:

  • Channels: HCPs are addressed where they stay informed on a daily basis – on the DocCheck channels.
  • DocCheck CME: After an online training, additional materials can be provided to deepen the content.
  • Advertising material: Integrating a chat feature into advertising materials allows for direct interaction.

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