Banner placement at DocCheck

Display banners are the perfect choice for reminder advertising of established products or for transmitting short and crisp information in combination with visually appealing graphics.

DocCheck offers various options of onsite measures to permanently remind your target group of your product or your message and to increase the level of awareness.

Place your banners only to your desired target group and limit them by criteria such as profession, specialty, field of activity - the DocCheck login makes it possible. The banners are displayed on our platform.


In addition to our standard format, a bundle of a medium and mobile rectangle, we offer the attention-grabbing responsive banner for maximum visibility. In addition, a video advertising format, the DocCheck Pre-Roll, is also part of our repertoire.

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To track the success of your campaign, you will receive a monthly report with all relevant KPIs for your banner placement.

To make sure your campaign goes live as quickly and smoothly as possible, take a look at our specifications. If you need help with the creation of a responsive banner, please contact us. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the various options available to support you.

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