DocCheck Native Ads

Sponsored Article and Sponsored Post – our onsite formats for native advertising. Place your sponsored content in the look and feel of DocCheck and thereby ensure higher engagement.

Want to capture the attention of DocCheck users with creative content? Native advertising allows for it. Whether for your external website or your DocCheck channel, create your personalized contribution that sparks curiosity. What do we need from you for creation? A compelling header image, a concise title and teaser text, as well as the link to your website or your DocCheck channel article. The advertising materials will be responsively displayed to the desired target audience.


Sponsored Article

The Sponsored Article will be displayed within the editorial article pages on DocCheck.


Example view:

Sponsored Post

The Sponsored Post is displayed in the news stream on the homepage of our DocCheck users. If a channel article is promoted, users can follow your channel with just one click on the button, thus staying up-to-date. Therefore, the Sponsored Post is ideal for promoting your channel and generating new followers.


Example view:

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