DocCheck PreRolls

Your products and services are stars. You know that. But how do you stage your offers in such a way that your target group gets big eyes? And on a regular and measurable basis?

And Action for our DocCheck PreRolls.

As a video marketing format, DocCheck PreRolls are among our most attention-grabbing advertising formats. Often referred to as video ads, they run as a short commercial before editorial video clips on our platform.

To ensure that you reach the right target group, we give you the control panel: You decide which target group you want to address - whether selected disciplines, medical professionals or all DocCheck users.


Your PreRoll promotes HWG-protected content? No problem. In addition to restricting the targeting to medical professionals, a link to the SmPC can also be displayed as an overlay in the video.

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So that you don't lose track of the success of your campaign, you will receive a monthly report from us with all relevant KPIs for your PreRoll.

How does your PreRoll get onto our screen? You can simply send us your finished video ads directly as an mp4 file or provide a download link. To ensure that your campaign goes live as quickly and smoothly as possible, please follow the specifications in our composition guideline. If you need additional help with the delivery, please contact us. Cut!

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0221 92053100